Planning a kitesurf trip with small kids

Let’s see how to plan ahead to score a kite trip that’s fun for the whole family

  •  Choose a destination within a reasonable distance
I know, some families are always up for a challenge and are willing to take their few months old babies even to long-haul flights. It’s surely managable and with certain kind of babies it might be effortless, but let’s be realistic, it’s not for everyone. If you are planning your very first family trip, or you know from experience that traveling with your kid is a bit of a hustle, I’d suggest to find a kite destination you can reach within a few hours.
Another reason not to go too far from home, especially with babies, is health related. Kids have to get all kinds of vaccines in the first 2 years of their lives. Some of them are mandatory worldwide, but many of them vary depending on the country’s epidemic situations. The further you go the most probable that you have to get extra vaccines for your baby, which means even more organization and of course the risk of having a couple of sick days afterwards.
I’d also mention here the health insurance. Even if you don’t normally take out insurance for your holidays, consider having one when traveling with children. Not necessarily because they are more likely to use it (they’re actually much tougher than we think), but because we are more likely to worry about them, than about ourselves. So, if you know an insurance would give you a sort of serenity, take it, it will be worth it.

Join us from the end of March till November

  • New Equipment: Say hello to top-of-the-line gear that’s guaranteed to take your kitesurfing adventures to new heights! 🪁💨
  •  Radio Helmet: Safety first, always! Our state-of-the-art radio helmets ensure clear communication and added security while you’re out on the water. 🎧🌊
  • Supervised Rental: Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, our expert instructors are here to provide guidance and support every step of the way. 🌟🏄‍♂️
  •  Incredible Amenities: From shower facilities and bathrooms to a cozy bar and a dedicated kids’ corner, our spot has everything you need for a day of fun in the sun! 🚿🍹👶
  •  Storage for Kitesurf Gear: Say goodbye to lugging around your gear! We’ve got ample storage space available to keep your kitesurfing equipment safe and sound. Not to mention the massive launching zone with assistants for easy take-offs!🎒
So what are you waiting for? Grab your board, slap on some sunscreen, and join us for an unforgettable season of kitesurfing adventures in Sicily!

Sicily reopens after the lockdown!

We are happy to share with you the good news!

We are going back next week already to open our kite school in Sicily!
Here are some tickets from EU countries, as there will be no quarantine from these countries!
Come and join us in 2020!


February in Sri Lanka

We had a great 1 month in Sri Lanka.

Good vibes, food and wind during all the time!

Check our Video and article about our trip


One month in Cancun

Being a kiteboarder usually goes hand in hand with being a traveller.

Once you get hooked on this sport, you want to share the stoke with others and you start dreaming about visiting different kiteboarding destinations around the World.

This time we’ve ended up in Mexico

Come and check our video and pictures about our trip 🙂


We collected some good prices for you

We were collecting some of the best prices for you to visit us in Sicily.

  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • Belgium
  • Netherlands
  • Great Britain
  • Hungary

Choose the best time for you to visit  Lo Stagnone di Marsala


The easiest spot to learn kitesurfing

Finally, we have a drone so we can record our guests how they are enjoying Sicily!

Some of the shots are made of beginners some of more advanced riders. There is one thing in common: they are having loads of fun in our empty flat lagoon!


Kite Trip Tips - Fuerteventura

It’s getting cold in Europe! Where to escape?

We found some cheap last minute tickets to Fuerteventura so we didn’t hesitate too long and booked a mini holiday with a group of kitesurfers. We had a blast there, wind everyday, nice weather and good company.
Check out the short movie we made there on the link below:

Follow the wind with a Catamaran

Are you an advanced kitesurfer? Do you want to get away from the beginner zone so you can practice without worrying about other riders? Would you like to spend a few days far away from the crowded beaches and enjoy your time on a beautiful boat?

If so, then this is your perfect getaway! Nature, peace and quiet, endless space for kiting and full service on board. Book your Catamaran Trip with us!

Kiteline sports team from Hungary just visited us!

We were really happy to host one of the biggest hungarian kitesurfing team in May here in Lo Stagnone.

They loved the spot and all the sights what they could visit with us and they recorded everything and made this fantastic movie.

If you missed this year don’t worry we will be here next year also from April-November.

How you should spend your time in Sicily?

Kitesurfing, Hiking, Climbing just a few things what you should do till you are here.

Sicily is not just one of the best kitesurfing destiantion but it has everything what you need to relax and do something different. Recently we just had again some awesome people with us who wanted to join us luckly not just for kitesurfing.

Check out our movie fromt the girl camp & all the places we have been discovered!

Hello everyone!

Unfortunately the season is coming to an end but this is a good chance for you to buy the 2016-17 kites from our School for a really good price.
We would like to keep our stock updated so we are selling all new & used kites + boards and harnesses .

Don’t miss the opportunity to get yourself a fantastic setup. Beginners and advanced riders will also find gear for themselves.


We dedicate whole September to you and organize KITE CAMPS for GIRLS ONLY. Doesn’t metter if you are beginner, advanced, instructor or just someone who wants to spend some time in nice company. Taking lessons is not a must, we’ll do plenty of other things together like hiking, stretching, cooking and drinking wine obviously! 😀

Check out the event and contact me if you are interested, oh and feel free to invite your (girl)friends!:)

20 minutes in the water in perfect conditions!

In the last couple of years we didn’t have enough time for ourselves to practice kitesurfing. That just changend in the last month and I can’t say that we are not enjoying it 🙂

sup trip sicily lo stagnone

Nothing is better than a short SUP session before Kitesurfing

Finding time for going around the islands is hard thanks to the good winds.
We had to start early (9 am) and around 12 it was already harder to get back to the shore with 12 knots of wind.

Mozia was a powerful city in the 8th century BC it definitely worth a visit. You can approach the island with a ferry from Mamma Caura but it’s cooler to go with a SUP

We are happy to announce that our little Kite Hostel is now open!!

  • 2 bedrooms,
  • 2 bathrooms,
  • 1 kitchen

+ a big  garden .

Close to the spot! Check out the pictures 🙂

We collected some good prices for you

We were collecting some of the best prices for you to visit us in Sicily.
April-November check the closest airort:

  • Germany
  • Beglium
  • Netherlands
  • Austria
  • Slovakia
  • Hungary

Choose the best time for you Lo Stagnone di Marsala is waiting for you for an epic kite holiday!!!


Kitesurfing in Zanzibar!

We were lucky enough to visit Africa this winter and spend 5 weeks on one of the most famous kite spots in the World; Paje, Zanzibar. The lagoon is huge and beautiful, the beach is sandy and the wind is really friendly at this time of the year, ideal for beginners and to practice unhooked tricks. The island itself is fascinating, and the South part is not so touristic, so it was the perfect getaway for us after a busy season in Sicily.

Check out our short film about islandlife! We garantee it will warm you up on these chilly evenings!

Thanks to Kite It Zanzibar for hosting us, to Wojtek Gajda for filming and to everyone who was willing to participate in the movie (especially the ones who did the “singing”part)!



Winter in Zanzibar!

Hello Everyone.
We just finished with this small edit of our guests who had a blast with us this winter. Unfortunately we didn’t have much wind during their stay in Zanzibar but with our  new RRD Emotion V2 17m2 Kite the kids were able to progress and have a lot of fun.

Check it out ! 🙂


Hakuna Matata- Zanzibar mentality

After spending a month on the fascinating Zanzibar island, I started to compare our european lifestyle and mentality with the african people’s. I think there are many things we should learn from each other to be able to lead a happy and successful life. The short article is in hungarian language.


Short Christmas Movie

Hello Everyone and Merry Christmas.
We just arrived a week ago to Zanzibar for a bit of kitesurfing. So far we were not lucky with the wind but we were still able to make a short Christmas movie with our  new RRD Emotion V2 17m2 Kite.

Check it out ! 🙂


Amazing summer in Sicily

In the last couple of years we were searching for a spot in Europe where we could settle down. We spent an amazing summer in Sicily this year and we are hoping that Lo Stagnone will become our permanent kite destination. If you are curious why did we fall in love with it, just read our short article!

Hope to see you there in the next season!

Arrivederci 🙂


Soon we are going to Zanzibar 🙂

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Good winds, warm weather here we come!