Hello everyone!

Another windy season has come to and end and now it is time for us to sell everything what we used this season!


RRD Passion mk8 7m2  No repairs great condition 350eu (Sold)
RRD Passion mk8 9m2  No repairs great condition 400eu (Sold)
RRD Passion mk8 11m2 (Opened in 2019) 1 repair  350eu
RRD Passion mk8 13m2 (Opened in 2019) 1 repair 55eu (Sold)
RRD Passion mk8 13m2 (Opened in 2018) 1 reapir 400eu
RRD Passion mk10 13.5 (Opened in 2019) 1 reapir  700eu  (Sold)
RRD Passion mk8 17m2 (Opened in 2019) 1 repair 500eu

RRD Obsession mk 8 7m2  (Opened 2018) 1 repair 350eu (Private kite)
RRD Obsession mk 8 15m2  (Opened 2018) 1 repair 500eu (Private kite)

RRD Emotion V3 17m2 (Opened in 2018)  500eu


Follow the wind boards 330eu Used
New RRD Placebo 137×40 with fins(no pads) 200 eu NEW
RRD Bliss Kiss 136×40 used 200eu with pads&fins

For more pictures please contact us