Life in Lo Stagnone (June)

Kitesurfing in Sicily





June in Lo Stagnone was not the windiest month but at least we had some time to recharge our batteries. We did some photo sessions and also some filming. Light wind conditions allowed us to practice more on the surfboard and ride on our beloved 15m2 Obsession.

Hopefully you will enjoy watching!

In the windless days we often went to the gym  to get in shape and  to prepare ourselves for new tricks. A good workout and some stretching after can fill us with so much energy.

The weather is getting really warm in Sicily and the water of  Lo Stagnone  is heating up also. No more wetsuits for us, it’s time to enjoy the sun!  🙂

This short edit was made with almost 20 knots of wind you can see that the  lagoon is still nice and flat , so there is not much to blame if we miss our tricks. The conditions are awesome for learning new moves !


I’m sure you all noticed that Lilla is missing from this edit. I promise we will do a little movie just about her later 🙂 She landed some awesome tricks lately and got hooked on the surfboard!