Adventures of the month: Girl's Kite Camp, Hiking, Climbing

Girl’s Kite Camp From O to Hero:

We had some adventurous girls visiting us at the beginning of the month. Sports have always been played important roles in their lives so they didn’t need much time to get the hang of the kite flying. After 3-4 hours on the water with us they were able to get on the board and we had a lot of fun together.

On the windless days they were challenging us to play volleyball with them. Since they are professional players in Hungary, they had a few tricks in their pockets, so in the end we all learned something from each other.

Kitesurfing in Sicily

The season is still on and we are quite busy, but we would like to keep you updated and share some of our best moments of the last month.

Girl’s Kite Camp, Hiking, Climbing, you name it! We had a great time with friends and guests around the Globe. We feel so lucky to meet amazing people week by week. Thanks everyone for choosing us as your coaches and thank you for the great memories we make together!

We did a great hike!

The West part of the island never seize to amaze us. It keeps offering wonderful hikes and at the end of the road there’s always a magical view waiting for us. Recently we went up to Monte Monaco. which was a 560 meters hike uphill.
According to the travel guides this hike usually takes about 1h 30 mintues. We did it in 1h 10 minutes and we were quite proud of oruselves until the next week, when our students, Lukas&Stefani easily hit our record with 55 min.:D

It’s not that we try to compete with people from the hilly Switzerland, but we’ll give it another try next year! 😉

Climbing in San Vito.

Our climbing mates from the hungarian boulders, Zsombor&Edina took us a visit last week. We showed them our favourite rocks on the island in San Vito Lo Capo. We parked our cars in El Bahira camp and climbed a few routes with their help. In the afternoon we had a quick visit in the town and we finished the day with cliff jumping into the nice and cool blue waters.

Thanks again guys for the climbing gear and the perfect company! 🙂