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Planning a kite trip with small kids

Planning a kite trip with small kids

Some couples are prepared to change their lifestyle once having a baby, they’re ready to organize their lives completely around the new family member, no sacrifice is too big. Others are firm believers, that nothing has to change, that their child would adapt seamlessly to their everyday lives, and they would find the time for their hobbies and every fun thing they were doing before. And there are the ones who try to find the golden mean and balance between the needs of each family member.

I belong to this latter group. I believe that we don’t have to give up on anything that’s important to us, especially if that activity helps us dissolve stress and recharge our batteries. Healthy parents, healthy children, both physically and mentally.
It is, however, important to acknowledge that certain things are changing with the arrival of a baby. 


Even though babies and toddlers adjust to new conditions surprisingly quickly, it is important to have a good daily routine which can be adapted in different situations, like on holidays.

Traveling and experiencing everything that comes with it, can add so much value to the life of a child and to the whole family. Before a certain age they won’t have specific memories of the trips, but they constantly learn by exploring. Having to adjust to different conditions, listening to foreign languages, sleeping in an unfamiliar bed, tasting new food are all laying the foundation of flexibility and curiosity. Characteristics that all children should develop for a balanced adulthood and for leading a successful life later on.

With a bit of extra care and planning, I think the whole family can benefit from traveling together and have a great (the luckiest ones even relaxing) time on a family kite trip.


So, let's see how to plan ahead to score a kite trip that's fun for the whole family:

1. Choose a destination within reasonable distance.

I know, some families are always up for a challenge and are willing to take their few months old babies even to long-haul flights. It’s surely managable and with certain kind of babies it might be effortless, but let’s be realistic, it’s not for everyone. If you are planning your very first family trip, or you know from experience that traveling with your kid is a bit of a hustle, I’d suggest to find a kite destination you can reach within a few hours. 
Another reason not to go too far from home, especially with babies, is health related. Kids have to get all kinds of vaccines in the first 2 years of their lives. Some of them are mandatory worldwide, but many of them vary depending on the country’s epidemic situations. The further you go the most probable that you have to get extra vaccines for your baby, which means even more organization and of course the risk of having a couple of sick days afterwards.
I’d also mention here the health insurance. Even if you don’t normally take out insurance for your holidays, consider having one when traveling with children. Not necessarily because they are more likely to use it (they’re actually much tougher than we think), but because we are more likely to worry about them, than about ourselves. So, if you know an insurance would give you a sort of serenity, take it, it will be worth it.

2. Prepare for the journey.

Whether you travel by plane or by car, being prepared with snacks and toys is key. Crackers or anything that make kids chew for a while come in handy on a flight during take-off and landing, since chewing and swallowing helps to prevent ear blockage.
Make sure to have enough age appropriate toys – something brand new for the occasion or something of their favourites – , so time flies a bit faster. Coloring and reading books usually works quite good in these situations. Sitting still however is not the strong suit of any child, so plan a few stops in case you choose to go by wheels. On flights, I’d recommend choosing seats next to the corridor, so you’ll be able to stand up and walk a bit whenever it’s needed. Keep it in mind that under 2 years, kids have to sit in a parent’s lap during the flight, and their seatbelt has to be connected to the adult’s when the fasten seatbelt sign is on. You’ll probably feel like stretching your legs a couple of times.

3. Find an accomodation that's comfortable in every aspect.

I was not a big fan of all-inclusive resorts before, but now that I’ve become a mom, it finally makes perfect sense. There’s nothing more relaxing for the parents on vacation, than knowing that every meal is taken care of and you won’t need to spend a minute cooking or washing the dishes. Also, having a pool can be a bliss for kids. I know, you are probably by the sea since you are on a kite holiday, but believe me, it’s never enough of water time.
If you are on a budget, booking an apartment works fine as well. In this case, make sure there’s a well-equipped kitchen and a washing machine.
Consider the location as well when choosing an accomodation. Most kids under 3-4 years sleep at least once during the day, so you will probably go back and forth between the kite spot and your rooms. Providing these daily naps should be a priority even on vacations, since they are really beneficial for the development of their nervous system and for their mood in general. The more eventful their days are and the more time they spend outdoors, the more rest they need.
If you are one of the lucky ones, your children are able to fall asleep anywhere, and they don’t wake up to sudden noises (like a deflating kite), then you only need to find a comfortable place for them on the beach and you’re free to use this time for kiting.

4. Find a kite spot that's ideal for families.

Depending on the amount of time you are planning to spend on the kite beach, there are different requirements. Having a toilet, shower, some shade and some wind shade are the most important ones.
Ideally, there is also a chill out area, with comfy seats, a restaurant or a bar to grab a cold drink and some snacks for the kids.
Sandy and pebble beaches both offer several adventures for toddlers. Building sand castles, collecting small shells and pebbles, playing with water are endless fun for them. You finally don’t have to worry about damaging furnitures, their clothes, or cleaning up after the game. They can get their hands dirty, use all their senses, make all the mess they want and play totally carefree.
Paying attention to the kiters however, needs to be taken seriously. Make sure you don’t play with your children in the designated launching/landing area, and only enter the water with them where noone is riding.

5. Bring along help if you want to make sure, you get some rest and freetime as well.

The only thing couples are usually missing when travel with their kids, is kiting together. Taking turns on the water, while the other is watching them works fine, but if you have the opportunity to invite a grandparent or a babysitter, you’ll be able to have some well-deserved alone time with your partner.

Eventually, my best advice is probably: seize the moment and let go of the things you can't control

 If despite of all your efforts and planning, something still goes south, don’t get discouraged. Small kids are often sensitive to weather changes and strong winds (yepp unfortunately it is an issue for many). Teething, digestion problems, sleep regression etc. are only a few things that can occure basically any time in the first 3 years of a child. So, be prepared every way you can, but accept the fact that life happens, and our job is simply making the most of it.

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