• star rating  We were first time here, I can recommend the place for beginner and for advancer too. Very nice team, perfect assecories and very kind hospitality. Simple great!


    star rating  Gabor and Lilla are more than your average kite surf instructors. They're two really great persons that, yes, really know how to improve your kite surf skills and provide you... read more


    star rating  Gabor and his team are very professional and friendly. Their equipment is absolutely state-of-the-art, including Flysurfer Soul 2.0. For light wind kiting.
    My wife and my daughter had some private... read more

  • star rating  This was my second time back with my (now) 10 year old son to learn Kitesurfing from Lille and Gabor. They are super professional, extra safe and great teachers. They... read more

    avatar thumb kikiturbo

    star rating  Gabor’s Follow the Wind is a small but efficient structure using up to date equipment and permanent audio guidance throughout the lessons. By means of walkie-talkies on the helmets, they... read more


    star rating  Me and my friend stayed one week in Sicily. We took lessons with Gabor and Lilla. They were super professional and really focused minded. Gabor and Lilla well organised our... read more

    avatar thumb László S
  • star rating  Lilla and Gabor were extremely nice , very professional and had very good equipment. When teaching us we were at the centre of their attention and they made sure that... read more


    star rating  What a great kitesurfing school. So friendly and helpful for me as a solo rider learning how to waterstart . They were so patient and knowledgeable about how to teach... read more

    derilyn T

    star rating  Time of my life - Best place to learn kitesurfing with the best instructors! There is always windy and the lagoon is just perfect with the shallow water to improve your skills at any level.... read more

  • star rating  FTW was recommended by Trip Advisor and it totally lived up to expectation . Gabor gave me a quick lesson on “ toe side turns” and I had it mastered... read more

    avatar thumb Bradtindale

    star rating  Awesome - Gabor is a great professional, the team is always there to help, the gear is new and clean. It was awesome!

    avatar thumb marcelpL8360IT

    star rating  Great instructors, great location, great equipment! Nothing but positive things to say! Equipment was brand new or nearly new, location is perfect for learning, instructors were top notch!... read more

    avatar thumb christofm774
  • star rating  This school and rental place is easily the best place I have been kitesurfing so far. The service is very professional and friendly. Gabor (the owner) sends a whatsapp message... read more

    Steve G

    star rating  Beginner Kite surfing lessons to become fully independent rider - Would highly recommend this school and the location to learn to kite surf. My partner and I were both absolute beginners to kite surfing and after 10 hours of lessons... read more


    star rating  I went kitesurfing with my 13 year old son with Gábor. Excellent spot and Gábor is really the right guy for the job!! First class materials for beginners as well... read more

    avatar thumb tamsterdam

Welcome to the Webcam and weather foreacast of Lo Stagnone Sicily

„There are about 300 windy days here during the year.”

Always windy!

In Sicily, wind is not just a natural phenomenon; it’s a way of life. From the gentle zephyrs to the robust breezes, the island’s coastline offers an unparalleled playground for kitesurfers seeking the ultimate adrenaline rush. But as any seasoned kite surfer knows, mastering the wind requires more than just skill—it demands the right equipment and a deep understanding of Sicily’s unique atmospheric dynamics. Our school has kites from 2.5-17m2 & boards from 130-160cm for every condition!

We boast a secret weapon against the whims of the wind: Flysurfer kites. These specialized kites are engineered to harness even the slightest breezes, making them essential companions for riders seeking to glide effortlessly in the light conditions. Unlike traditional tube kites, which typically require wind speeds of 8-10 knots to take flight, Flysurfer kites defy convention by soaring gracefully from as low as 6-7 knots.

Picture yourself on the shimmering waters of Sicily’s coast, with your your friends poised for action. 

If you have further questions just write to us:

Or get in touch vie Whatsapp +36302309194

Don’t worry if the forecast doesn’t show wind! During summer we have constant thermal winds coming in the afternoons what is not always forecasted! On average we have 4-7days/week with wind!

How flat is our lagoon?

Play Video about Lo stagnone is the nicest lagoon

Lo Stagnone ( Sicily ) is one of the safest and nicest kitesurfing destinations in Europe.

Learn with us in Lo Stagnone Sicily kitesurfing
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