Lo Stagnone ( Sicily ) is one of the safest and nicest kitesurfing destinations in Europe.

Sicily is the largest island on the Mediterranean Sea and it is the southest part of Italy. Thanks to its location the weather is warm and the kitesurfing season is very long in Lo Stagnone, Marsala.

The temperature in spring and autumn is around 20 Celsius therefore the season starts in March and goes until November. These conditions are quite similar to Tarifa, the biggest kitesurfing destination  in the World. Sicily has a big advantage though: it is not so crowded yet, so even beginners can feel safe while practicing. Lo Stagnone offers a unique kite spot with flat, shallow water and thermic winds. These are the ingredients of the perfect kitesurfing destination. With these conditions it is easy to say that kitesurfing in Sicily is like kitesurfing in paradise.  Not only the most comfortable, but shallow waters are also the safest places to learn kitesurfing. We don’t need a rescue boat around here, you can stand up easily even in the deepest parts of the lagoon .

flat shallow lagoon

„There are about 300 windy days here during the year.”

Kitesurfing in Lo Stagnone is as easy as possible for beginners and for advanced riders as well. Just imagine that you can practice your tricks or to ride upwind without worrying about your board. In case you lose it, you can stand up, walk back and grab it. If your level is intermediate, and you cannot stay upwind yet, you can easily walk up each time you feel that you’re getting too far from where you started. This way you can practice a lot more without wasting time walking on the beach. It takes considerably less time to master the needed skills like this. Not to mention that you have a chance to rent out equipments earlier, so you can practice by yourself. Thanks to this you don’t need to spend a fortune to learn kitesurfing.

There are about 300 windy days here during the year, so you can’t make a mistake when you book your next kitesurfing holiday. Thanks to the knee-deep water, the direction of the wind doesn’t matter so much, it is possible to kite safely in any conditions.

With a short (5 minutes) drive from the flat spot you can find  some waves, where you can use your surfboards instead of twintips. It is also possible to ride upwind to this spot in case you don’t want to pack all your gear in a car.

During spring and autumn you can expect any type of wind from 10 to 40knots. The forecast is usually accurate, so its easy to plan, but there is a big chance that you will need a 5-7m2 kite as many times as the 12-15m2.

 Kitesurfing lo stagnone sicily   kitesurfing sicily marsala

The thermic winds start in June and last until September. This is the most reliable season and the best conditions for kitesurfing. There is a constant 15-20 knots of wind every day and you don’t even need a wetsuite. This kind of wind generally starts to blow around 2 p.m. and goes down with the sunset. The thermic winds are very consistant, not as gusty as in a lot of places.

There is another great news about this spot in Sicily: the location of the lagoon is just 10 minutes drive from the Trapani-Birgi Airport. There are several airlines coming to Sicily 3-4 times a week so you can book your ticket any time. Other opportunities are the Falcone-Borsellino Airport in Palermo, which is 1,5 hours away, or the one in Catania, which is a bit further it’s about 3 hours drive from Marsala

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kitesurfing Sicily Lo Stagnone

kitesurfing Sicily Lo Stagnone

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