Isola la Scuola
sup trip around scopello
salinas salt piles


Lo Stagnone offers an endless lagoon that is mirror flat on a windless day. This makes it so easy to balance on the board. In these conditions even beginners succeed to paddle around the small islands.

You can get to Isola Santa Maria in 10-15 minutes from the kite spot, so it’s the perfect little SUP trip for the early mornings. It is important to go when the wind hasn’t started yet.

A bit further to the South there is Isola la Scuola. The island has a sad history according to local people. During the Second World War they isolated people, who suffered in uncurable and infectious diseases there. By now the small island is completely abandoned, it only gives home to some sea birds.

If you paddle towards de North, you’ll reach the mouth of the lagoon, where you can either stop at the sandbank and have a drink at the local bar on San Teodoro beach, or you can visit Isola Grande. It’s the biggest island of the lagoon, where you can take a look at the Salinas (the pink color of the water is just unreal) and walk between the salt piles.