Amaizing view of San Vito from Monte Monaco
View of San Vito
Amaizing view of San Vito from Monte Monaco

Monte Monaco


Monte Monaco is a 530 meter high mountain close to the city of San Vito. This hike is a bit more challenging since you have to go uphill for a good 1,5 hours,. The stunning view from the top makes up for it! Take proper shoes and start early, because the sun can be very strong especially during the summer months!
Don’t forget to take water with you and of course your cameras ๐Ÿ™‚
The trail is hard to find we marked it for you on google maps where you can park your car and then just try to follow the road! Soon you will find a small narrow trail with some pointers.

If you are looking for some easier trips check out the Natural Reserve of Zingaro

Drone shot of Monte Monaco