Oasi guzzetta best apartments sicily
Oasi guzzetta best apartments sicily

Kitesurfers Paradise

Sicily, Lo Stagnone is one of the safest and nicest kitesurfing destinations in Europe.

Kitesurfers paradise!

Sicily is the largest island on the Mediterranean Sea and it is the southest part of Italy. Thanks to its location the weather is warm and the kitesurfing season is very long in Lo Stagnone, Marsala.

There are about 300 windy days here during the year. The temperature in spring and autumn is around 20 Celsius therefore the season starts in March and goes until November. These conditions are quite similar to Tarifa, the biggest kitesurfing destination  in the World. Sicily has a big advantage though: it is not so crowded yet, so even beginners can feel safe while practicing. Lo Stagnone offers a unique kite spot with flat, shallow water and thermic winds. These are the ingredients of the perfect kitesurfing destination. With these conditions it is easy to say that kitesurfing in Sicily is like kitesurfing in paradise.  Not only the most comfortable, but shallow waters are also the safest places to learn kitesurfing. We don’t need a rescue boat around here, you can stand up easily even in the deepest parts of the lagoon .

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„There are about 300 windy days here during the year.”

kitesurfing in the sunset in sicily
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Lo stagnone is for everyone!

Kitesurfing in Lo Stagnone is as easy as it gets for beginners and for advanced riders as well. Just imagine that you can practice your tricks or to ride upwind without worrying about your board. In case you lose it, you can stand up, walk back and grab it. If your level is intermediate, and you cannot stay upwind yet, you can easily walk up each time you feel that you’re getting too far from where you started. This way you can practice a lot more without wasting time walking on the beach. It takes considerably less time to master the needed skills like this. Not to mention that you can reach an independent level sooner and then you can rent equipment. Thanks to this you don’t need to spend a fortune to learn kitesurfing.

When is the season?

kitesurfing Sicily

Spring: We start our season from mid March, the wind can be anything between 10-40 knots till June. Many days with Sirocco from the South what can go up to 35-40 knots.

Summer: June-August. Constant, thermic wind from the North building up during the day. It starts around 10-11 a.m., it peaks in the afternoon and from 5-6 p.m. it starts to get weaker again.

Autumn: September – mid November.
Similar conditions like during spring.


Other spots?

Puzziteddu: Wave spot, deep water.
Capo Feto: Small chops, deep water.
Taiti: Right next to the Lo Stagnone lagoon with 50m turquoise shallow water, then it gets deep. 

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Kite school

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  • star rating  Awesome - Gabor is a great professional, the team is always there to help, the gear is new and clean. It was awesome!

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    star rating  Highly recommended - Great spot, cute owner family and pro teachers. Best school for fast improvement and lot’s of fun. I highly recommend.

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    The team was very flexible, patient and helpful.
    The education is well organized,... read more

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