kitesufing in Egypt Sharm El Sheikh, El Gouna, Soma Bay, Hurghada
Kitesurfing in Egypt
Monkey mountain Khao Hin lek fai
Kitesurfing in Thailand
kitesufing in Egypt Sharm El Sheikh, El Gouna, Soma Bay, Hurghada
Kitesurfing in Egypt
Monkey mountain Khao Hin lek fai
Kitesurfing in Thailand

Kitesurfing in Greece

Prasonisi kitebeach Rhodes kitesurfin in Greece

Greece is one of the most popular kitesurfing destinations in Europe.

Main kite season: June-July-August

It has several islands known for steady and strong winds during the summer. The most visited ones by kite- and windsurfers are Rhodes, Lefkada, Mykonos, Limnos, Naxos and Paros. You can read some more here about Rhodes and Paros. These are the two Greek islands we have visited so far for kiteboarding, and we’d go back any time.

Kitesurfing in Rhodes

Prasonisi kitebeach Rhodes kitesurfin in Greece

Rhodes The first time I traveled to Rhodes island was in 2006 and I’ve been going back there ever since. Rhodes was also the first place where I was teaching kitesurfing beside my homespot in Hungary. Thanks to the Meltemi winds, which are the result of high pressure system meeting low pressure, the conditions are optimal for kitsurfing almost every day during summer. These winds usually start late, and get stronger during the afternoon, so it’s perfect for those who prefer to sleep in and take it slow on their holidays. There are 3-4 main kite spots on Rhodes island. The one that attracts the most people is Prasonisi on the South.

Kitesurfing in Prasonisi

Meltemi wind tends to get the strongest here, so it is a paradise for not only kitesurfers, but windsurfers too. The reason why Prasonisi became so popular, is the sandbank, which creates both flat water and wavy playground for the surfers. The downside of this place is that it’s far less developed, than the North. There are just a few hotels, restaurants, or shopping possibilities in the area. Most people just set up their tent, or stay in a camper and live the nomad life while surfing here. Prasonisi tends to get very busy from June to August, so be prepared for a lot of traffic on the water and make sure you know the right of way rules regarding windsurfers too.
As we said the winds are stronger here than on the north you will often be on your 8-10m2 kites maybe a few days on 12-13m2.

North Side of Rhodes

Going towards the North West, you can find two other famous kitesurf destinations, Fanes and Theologos. The beaches of these two cities are only a couple of minutes from each other and they have similar characteristics. The wind is a bit lighter here you can expect 13-20 knots good for a 10-12m2 kite. Compared to the South and the beach is more beginner friendly. Although there’s no shallow water here, thanks to the wide, sandy beaches and the kite centers, who offer rescue and professional assistance if needed, these are safe spots to practice, or even learn kiteboarding.

I personally spent most of my time in Kremasti, the beach which is the closest to the airport and to the town of Rhodes. If you are planning to stay on the island for longer period, I’d definitely recommend this place. There are plenty of things to do, you don’t even need a car to get around. There are shops, restaurants, beach bars, even a market for walking distance. Visiting the town of Rhodes is the only time, when you might need a car, but we managed to do that also with only bicycles.

Tradicional Greek houses

The kite beach in Kremasti has small rocks, so if your feet are sensitive, you can bring shoes with you. The color of the water is beautiful, and even though it’s deep and a bit wavy, during the summer months the temperature is perfect, you don’t need a wetsuit.  The wind direction here is usually side shore and there’s a lot of space to practice. The local kite center always takes the beginners upwind and they finish the lessons in front of the school. Air-Riders Kite Pro Center offers not only lessons and rental, but also jetski rescue for advanced riders. They have storage, a huge chilling area, carpets for the kites and you don’t have to go far for the best frappé.

Airriders kitesurf center

Beginners course
(3×3 hours) 320 eu (2020)

Intermediate/Advanced (1×3 hours) 120 eu (2020)

Prices are for group lessons up to 4 people 1 instructor what is not as effective as private lessons. Lessons in Deepwater are also harder then in a lagoon-like in Sicily but if you learn in this condition you can kite almost everywhere

Frappe Greece

Now that I mentioned frappé, let’s not forget about all the other greek food and beverage, they are a must to try when you visit the island!

Our all time favourite breakfast was bougatsa, it’s a sweet creamy pastry with cinnamon on top, goes perfect with your morning coffee. If you prefer salty bites for breakky, than tiropita is your best choice. It’s a triangle shape pie filled with feta cheese, super crispy outside and warm, soft inside. Because of the heat during the days we didn’t really crave for more than fruits or a traditional greek salad. For dinner you have to try gyros and souvlaki, both come with fries, fresh salad and tzatziki to die for. If your belly is still not full after all, we suggest you to sit in a crepería, and share a a big nutella, banana pancake with your friends.


Underwater Cave

Near Stegna you can swim next to the shore till you reach a small cave. It is not the easiest to find but if you swim along the cost you cannot miss it.
There is a small place where you can dive underwater and swim under a cliff what is a fantastic feeling.
I wish I could show pictures but unfortunately back in the day the camera what we had was not the best 🙁

Here is a short movie from our friend Szani


Lindos Castle Rhodes island

All you need to know about Lindos :

Castle of Rhodes

Monosteri of Filerimos

Kitesurfing in Paros

Sunrise on Antiparos


We spent one summer on Paros island in 2014. It’s much closer to the main land than Rhodes, therefore more touristic. It’s an amazingly beautiful place, especially Antiparos, the little one across the channel to the main island. Walking on the streets of Antiparos is like being in the ’Mamma Mia’ movie. You can get here with a ferry from Paros or with a small boat. There are stylish shops, charming bakeries and fine restaurants close to the harbour. If you’d like to discover some of the hidden beaches, you can rent a buggy and go around the island in a few hours.

Kitesurfing in Greece  Paros kitesurf center Pounta


During our stay we lived on Antiparos, so we took the short ferry ride each day to kite in Pounda. Pounda is the main kitesurfing spot in Paros. There are only two kite schools there, still it gets super busy, especially in July, August. The beach is sandy, there’s plenty of space to set up your kite and for launching and landing it. The water gets deep quite fast, and even during the warmest months it can be handy to have a short wetsuit with you. The schools sell food and drinks, they have nice beach area, where you can hang out all day and they organize BBQs several evenings. They also offer jetski lessons and rescue service.

In case of no wind, there’s a possibilty to do wakeboarding or waterskiing with a motorboat. Even though Paros is also famous for strong winds, our experience was, that we could have doubled our days on water, if we took bigger kites with us. Most people are prepared for 20+ knots, so if you take a 14m2 (or bigger), you can have the time of your life having the kite spot for yourself and just cruise around while others are waiting for the wind to pick up.

Must see:



is one of the most attractive cities around Paros. It is famous for the beautiful sunsets.
During summer it is very crowded but still worth a visit.

quad trip on AntiParos

Quad trip

Prophet Elias is a small church on the mountain with a stunning view over Antiparos.

Diving on Paros shipwreck


Eurodivers offer various diving and snorkeling options.
There are some reefs near by and for more advanced divers there is the wreck of MS Express Samina ferry near the shore.

kitesurf paros kite center

Beginners course
(8 hours) 500 eu (2020)

Private lessons (1 hour) 110 eu (2020)

Lets start kitesurfing in Sicily Lo Stagnone

Come and join us in Sicily

Sicily is one of the best spots in Europe to start kitesurfing.
Thanks to the flat shallow water it is easy to progress super fast.
We use Radio helmets and new equipment to provide the best kitesurfing experience

Read more about our spot here