Learn with us in Lo Stagnone Sicily


Best Accommodations
in Lo Stagnone

Oasi Guzzetta

Oasi Guzzetta is one of the high-end accommodations in Lo Stagnone! They have a great swimming pool and bar(Swimming caps mandatory!) 

Our kite spot is 7-8minutse by car but you can rent a bicycle also there!

They clean to rooms 2-3 times /week

The local breakfast place and the supermarket, pharmacy is very close 2 min by car

There are 2-3 restaurants walk distance the bike road what leads to Marsala or to the kite spot.

We have a nice discount from their prices so feel free to contact us and we can arrange everything. 

Kite Hostel Stagnone

There are share dorms and also private rooms in the kite hostel.


The village center is also not too far so you can do shopping easily.
You can find the
Pharmacy a nice bar and the supermarket 

A bed costs 30-33eu/ night
The private rooms cost 85/night with private bathroom.

There is a common kitchen 

They have bicycles to rent

Wifi is available

The kite hostel is great for solo travelers!!

Carol and Mateo are great hosts the rebuilt this Villa with their hearts! They will

Torre Sances

These apartments are very close from our kite spot. Around 300m. There are some restaurants in this area and a small supermarket.

Kiosks are mainly open between May and October.


Kite Villa Lo Stagnone

We have some private rooms near the kite spot also close to the village center for a very nice price 40-60eu depending on the time of the year. Each room has its own bathroom there is a common kitchen in case you would like to cook. 

Bicycle rental is also available

One of the best internet connection in the area!

Important things to know!

It is important to notice if you stay on the kite spot you still need a car to enjoy Sicily. The local bars restaurants are a bit further from the kite spot. Also directily on the spot it can get loud sometimes as there are many kiosks! Local bars restaurants are mainly open on the kite spot from May till October! 


On our kitespot

Our kite spot is located in one of the best areas of Lo Stagnone!  Infront of us it is nice and sandy so there is a huge area for practice! For more advance riders who prefer deeper water it is just 3-5min to go deeper so they can practice jumping safely! 

We have a Bar, shower&bathroom, storage and Wifi on our spot


This B&B is the closest to our spot they offer private room with breakfast for around 80 eu / night ( We have some discounts from their prices so feel free to contact us!)


Torre Lupa

Torre Lupa was one of the first bigger complex in this area! They have a great pool they are right at the village center around 3km from our spot! They have apartments with 2 rooms bathroom and kitchen.
We are happy to send you an offer for their apartments!


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