fresh fish
Dinner in a home restaurant for kitesurfers
fresh fish


Well, you can’t make a list of things to do and skip eating if your list is about Italy, right?! So, here are a few restaurants, bars and recommendations in general on food you definitely have to try, once visiting Lo Stagnone, Sicily.

Mamma Caura

has the most amazing view to the lagoon, so it has become a popular photo sight for tourists. They have an endless list of tasty cocktails and yummy aperitivo (complimentary snacks next to drinks) at the bar, and fresh seafood at the restaurant. The best time to go there is just before sunset, so you can sip your drink while the sky turns into orange and the sun goes down behind the old salt mill. During the summer months, you better make a reservation, because it gets really crowded!

De Vita

Less attractive from the outside, but for sure you’ll be a regular in De Vita too, once you try their speciality: zuppa di cozze (mussle soup). This dish made of fresh mussles, tomato sauce, garlic and parsley is simple yet heavenly. Our other favourite from the menu is the pasta with smoked ham (or shrimp) and pistachio cream sauce. De Vita also makes undoubtedly the best cannolo in town, which is a traditional sicilian dessert made with ricotta. This restaurant is a family business, so you can see the same faces each time you go there. Friendly service and great value for money.

Il Mulino Bar

If you have a sweet tooth, your favorite meal of the day will be breakfast in Sicily. The croissants are fluffy and filled with thick cream and the coffee is just perfect. We tried a small coffee shop the first year we came here and we are addicted ever since. It’s on the main street of the „kite village”, Birgi, called Il Mulino Bar. Having breakfast there is simply the best way to start the day.

Bar Di Saro:

Saro is also a faimous Bar what was opened in 1977. They offer breakfast lunch and also Dinner!

Take away Pizza

Master Pizza offers various sizes and options in the area. They even have 1meter as a size! check out their menu here

Home Restaurants

Ultimately, we organize dinners for our guests at home restaurants in Birgi. Our hosts prepare several courses for us so we can taste everything from vegetarian appetizers and seafood pastas to grilled meat/fish. We finish with fruits and cakes and drink wine until it lasts. We love the atmosphere of these intimate nights and so as our students. Visiting these home restaurants is the best way to try the traditional sicilian food, enjoy the hospitality of the local people and talk (or sometimes dance and sing) through the night.

De Vita Restaurant

Bar Di Saro

Mulino Bar