Caves of favignana Island
Boat trip around the Egadi Islands
Boat trip around the Egadi Islands

The Egadi Islands

Depending on your budget (and weather you have a boat driving license or not) you can rent a small dingy or a catamaran with a skipper and discover the astonishing Egadi Islands.

Out of the three islands,ย Favignana is the largest and most populated, therefore also the most visited. Before you check out the city, you should definitely anchor the boat at Cala Rossa and jump into the crystal clear azure water. After a refreshing swim, you can head to the port and stop for a few hours in Favignana town. There are several nice bars, restaurants and charming shopping streets. While taking a walk there, you must wonder how life can be on such a small island, and envy the inhabitants for the tranquility they must have. It is easy to rent a bike on the island for 3-5eu this is one of the best options to go around the island bay by bay.

If you enjoy discovering unspoiled places with wild nature and amazing marine life, youโ€™ll like Marettimo island even more. It is more isolated than Favignana, but the beautiful panoramas worth the extra miles.

The smallest island of all three is Levanzo. There are only a handful of restaurants and shops, but many pretty beaches along the rocky coastline. Levanzo is the perfect getaway for those, who just need some piece and quiet, far away from the big cities.

You can also take a ferry to the Egadi Islands from the harbor of Marsala or Trapani. Check the schedule here with Liberty Lines