Traveling around the World


The best part of kitesurfing is traveling around the World! Searching for new destinations, trying different conditions and getting to know other cultures is a lot of fun. Until we found Sicily we were rarely going back to the same place, we enjoyed getting new experiences all the time. This topic may help you to choose your next kitesurfing destination.


Traveling around the world Rhodes

Rhodes is one of our favorite destinations in the World. Thanks to the reliable Meltemi wind which blows almost every day  during the season, you can’t make a mistake with this  island. The most famous spot is Prassonisi, where you can find perfectly flat water and waves in the same place. Kremasti, Fannes and Theologos are also very well-known, there are lots of kitesurfer friends of ours, who go back there every year. The best time to visit Rhodes is from June to mid September.

Is known for strong winds, especially between July and August. The spot can be super busy at this time of the year. At the moment there are only two kite schools in Pounda, still the kite beach can get quite crowded in peak season. The island itself is fantastic, like all greek islands it has beautiful places to visit. When you travel to Paros, you shouldn’t miss taking the ferry and go across the channel to see Antiparos. This little island is even more fascinating, you can find charming bakeries, stylish shops and fine restaurants close to the harbour.


Unfortunatley right now Egypt is not the safest place to be. It’s a shame because in the past we have been there almost 6 times and we always had good wind and met a lot of nice people. El Gouna, Soma Bay, Sharm el Sheikh, Hurghada you can’t make a a mistake with the spots, all of them are unique. Tipically there is beautiful clear and shallow water for kitesurfing and amazing sealife for snorkling or diving.


The island is not really known for kitesurfing but it has nice winds between May and August. There are many different spots: waves or flat water, sandy or rocky beaches, you can find everything! The teaching is mainly happenning in Paramali and Mazotos beach. The temperature is nice all year around, you can escape to the mountains from the hottest summer days and go down to the sunny beaches when it’s getting chilly up at the hills. What makes Cyprus even more exciting is that half  of the island is greek, the other half is turkish, so you can discover two different cultures by visiting it.


Hua Hin:
From November to January there are stronger winds in the mornings with big waves, and from mid February to April the water is more flat and you can expect steady 12-16 knots in the afternoons. Hua Hin was the place, where we learned to take a big kite with us no matter what people say about the conditions. There was always enough wind for a 17 m2 strutless kite, at least for teaching beginners.
In Asia you can have a lot of fun besides surfing. Discovering the sights, the thai culture, religion and gastronomy is at least as exciting as kitesurfing. We will never forget the taste of a real pad thai or the sweetest mango with sticky rice, nor the feeling when you are surrounded by friendly monkeys who are willing to eat and drink from your hands, or steal your camera if you are not careful enough.

  thailand SUPhua hin


Mui Ne
This place is deffinitely for more experienced riders because of the huge shore break,  strong winds and deep water. However Mui Ne is one of the most crowded places we’ve ever been kiting. There are tons of schools right next to each other with determined instructors, whose job is pretty difficult especially in high tide, when they have to launch the kite from the water and are getting hit by the big waves all the time. The lifestyle is quite cool and it is possible to leave very cheap. Most houses don’t even have kitchen, everyone eats out in the evenings. Main season  is Dec-April.

 vietnam kitesurfingVietnam Mui ne

Turks and Caicos Islands:

This Caribbean island is known for the unique colour of the sea and its perfect kite lagoon in Longbay. The highest point of the main island is about 50 meters, so don’t expect to have a nice hike in the nature.  This place is mainly for americans, who have direct flights to Provo and have/ rent out luxury houses for their getaways from the city. The scenery is really beautiful, especially if you are lucky enough to see it from a boat. You can find all kind of watersports here, but prepare your wallet for this trip, Providenciales is the most expensive place we have ever been. The windy period lasts almost all year, only September and October are very rainy.